I'm a man, why should I care about abortion?

There are probably a lot of men out there thinking the same thing I used to think. I do not like abortion as a Christian, but it is not really a men's issue. If this describes you then I hope I can give you some insights into why you should be involved in supporting life and ending abortion.

First, this is an issue that effects men as much as women. Half of all babies born are males, therefore it is safe to say that half of all babies aborted are males. The only exception to this would be in places like China where a one child policy has driven up abortions of females due to the need to have a boy for cultural and economic reasons. Certainly the rest of the (on demand abortion) world would be split evenly between male and female abortions. Also, every aborted child regardless of being male or female has a biological mother and father. Therefore half of the parents who lose a child due to abortion are men(as well as grandfathers, uncles, siblings, cousins, etc). So if half the children being aborted are men and half of the parents losing their child are men than this certainly is a men's issue.

Beyond just these simple points I think it also important that as Christian men we understand that it is very important. We are to take care of both women and children, the widowed and the orphaned. We are supposed to be the leaders. If we keep silent, and hide in the shadows than we have failed in our responsibilities. I believe as Christian men we should not only be involved but be leaders and at the forefront of this ministry. So that the whole world knows that abortion is not acceptable to God.

As men we should be involved in all aspects of this ministry, helping women and children in need, and sharing the Gospel. So the question is not is this a men's issue but rather how do I take responsibility for this? What role of leadership can I personally take to help the least of these?

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