Nearly 4.5 million

Croatia was formerly a part of Yugoslavia.  It gained its independence in 1991.  It is a member of the European Union.  Zagreb is the largest city and capital of Croatia.  It is located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy.  


4 million Christians

Most Croatians are Catholic.  There are currently about 19,000 Croatians that claim to be Evangelical.  However the number of Croatians attending both Catholic and Evangelical churches would indicate that these numbers are inflated.   

Life Issues

3,000 abortions/year

Croatian doctors have the right to object to perform abortions and currently about 70% of doctors do not perform abortions.  The life-affirming movement has a very recent history.  The most recent March for Life held in Zagreb has seen thousands in attendance and there are new ministries devoted to helping women in crisis.  There is still a great need for the church to be trained in the area of biblical, life-affirming ministry.