Pro-life work in Asia is in critical need. Currently, Asia has more than 35 million abortions each year. Compare that to the 1.2 million per year in North America.


Yet, pro-life work in Asia is nearly non-existent. Many countries currently have no pro-life work at all. Others have very small and limited ministries. This means that a mother considering an abortion has very few options and very few people, if anyone, telling her there is another way."

Isolation is one of the most effective tools of the enemy. We desire to reach mothers and fathers in Asia with both the message of life and the good news of Jesus. 


The most effective people to reach out to mothers & fathers in crisis is the church. We desire to equip & inspire churches to recognize and reach those in need in their own community.


We are excited to begin working in Asia beginning in 2019 and need your prayers.